Prayer Request (2020.06)

Solace and Hope: Since June last year, a series of social unrest, followed by the global Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the more recent passing of the National Security Law, all are causing anxiety to various degrees in the citizens of Hong Kong. May we, through the letter Apostle Paul wrote in confinement (Phil. 4:6-7), find solace and hope from above. We must never let worries take over our life. You can always present your worries and anxieties to God by prayers, and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus!

Under the COVID-19: Since the first outbreak of the pandemic up until now, all our staff and their families have been blessed and kept away from any infection. During the past few months, broadcast ministry for China has recorded more substantial boosts even under the COVID-19. In it all, the newly launched “Through the Bible” received amazing responses. As for local ministry, a hit rate of 56,000 for Soooradio in May was 2.7 times that of the same period last year. A special evangelistic event “So Care #531” designed for students writing the HKDSE exams also received good responses – 8 made the decision to become Christians, and about 200 more expressed willingness to be followed up.

Keep on Praying: In the days to come, keep presenting these 3 requests to our Lord through prayers with us.
1. Pray for Hong Kong: Under the pounding of COVID-19 and social commotion, we truly need the peace and safekeeping of God which transcends all understanding.
2. Pray for the Church: Whether it’s the churches in Hong Kong or in China, we all need God’s guidance and care under these new tensions and challenges, so we can keep on tending His sheep and be the light in this world for His sake.
3. Pray for FEBC Hong Kong: By the strength of the Lord, we need to stand firm. In season or out of season, we are to uphold the mandate of broadcasting the gospel and, with all wisdom, present everyone fully mature in Christ.