China News & Prayer (2020.06.22-30)

How To Change

“I am an unqualified Christian. Although I have been a believer for many years, I have always been unable to get rid of sins. I am a salesperson. I have participated in some ministries in the local church. What hurts me is my job nature which makes me often tell lies and talk nonsense to reach my goals. I really do this involuntarily, but regret afterwards. This is really like what the Bible says, ‘For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.’ I often pray and entrust to God. God has changed me a lot, but I still sin. This makes me very sad. Sometimes I am compelled to sin by my life and work. I do not have complete confidence to look up to him. So I want to know how to completely change myself and become a person after the Lord’s heart!”

(Brother Yang, Suzhou City)

  • Ask the Lord to give Brother Yang the courage to live out his faith and stand firm in his work so that he will not blame himself painfully. May the Lord increase his strength to overcome the temptation of lying.

“Swollen-headed” Infants

Recently many parents in Chenzhou, Hunan have discovered that their children have eczema, severe weight loss and skull deformities resembling “swollen-headed dolls”. There were other abnormalities such as slapping on their heads repeatedly. After investigation, it was found that these infants were diagnosed with “rickets” and that they all had taken the specialist milk powder named as “Bei An Min”. The infants were diagnosed with milk allergies during their medical examinations. Therefore the doctors advised their parents to buy amino acid-based milk powder to feed them. Then the parents bought the “Bei An Min” milk powder highly recommended by shop managers and workers of the maternal and baby stores. In fact, it is not milk powder, but a protein solid drink which does not meet the nutritional level required for infant growth. But the shop managers have still insisted that “Bei An Min” is the specialist milk powder.

(“Beijing News QQ”, May 12, 2020)

  • Please pray that the victimized infants can be healed and they health can restore. Also pray that the manufacturers will have the conscience and will not sell ordinary beverages as milk powder for making profits.

Uyghur Bible

At the end of the 19th century, the Swedish Mission sent missionaries to establish a mission station in Kashgar, Southern Xinjiang. This was also the first Protestant foothold in Xinjiang history. The New Testament translation of the Uyghur Bible has been completed for years. Since 2006, the entire New Testament, Genesis and Exodus have been translated into modern Uyghur language and assembled as one volume. There are still nine books of the Old Testament which requires translation. At present, the Uyghur people can download the online Bible in their language. But these online activities are strictly monitored. This makes it increasingly difficult for the Uyghur people to reach the gospel.

  • It is now possible to send Uyghur scriptures on the file and audio formats through and the mobile app. It is learnt that tens of thousands of people take risks to log in and browse. Ask the Lord to use these platforms so that those who are eager to seek the Word will receive the spiritual food. Please pray for the translation ministry of the remaining scriptures; and the translation team and their safety.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Emergency Drill: Such test run was carried out in late March till early April. The purpose was to evaluate the feasibility for staff to maintain a normal production and live broadcast schedule even when they are not in the office using regular studio equipment and software. With everyone putting forth his/her best effort and team spirit, the drill went well on the whole. This trial has definitely increased our flexibility if some catastrophic mishaps such as this pandemic did arise.
  2. Web-based Platforms: Both our text material and audio programs have well been received over social media in the Mainland. However, new religious policies are causing web management to step up with their control. For that reason, some of our articles and programs containing sensitive wordings were taken off. May the Lord help us in keeping our messages available on the web, that listeners may be blessed.