Prayer Request (2020.04)

Coronavirus Pandemic: The Coronavirus Pandemic erupted consecutively in China, Europe and the United States, and is still spreading like wild fire in over 200 countries around the world. Not only are the number of confirmed cases and deaths on the rise dramatically, they are rising exponentially by the day. Let us pray earnestly to our Lord that He will have mercy on us and that the pandemic may soon be contained.

Program Responses: While normal operations in many countries are disrupted by the pandemic, we praise the Lord that our shortwave station in the Philippines and medium wave station in Korea are both working normally. Because of this, Radio Liangyou broadcast has not stopped even in this time of turmoil, bringing the message to China tirelessly. In February alone, listenership totaled 1.8 million on various platforms, a 28% increase from January! And the aggregate number of users on these venues rose by 20.7%. Moreover, programs listened on Soooradio also boosted 53.6% in February compared to the same time in the previous year!

Emergency Drill: Such test run was carried out in late March till early April. The purpose was to evaluate the feasibility for staff to maintain a normal production and live broadcast schedule even when they are not in the office using studio equipment and software. With everyone putting forth his/her best effort and team spirit, the drill went well on the whole. This trial has definitely increased our flexibility if some catastrophic mishaps such as this pandemic did arise. And at the same time, we have rescheduled our staff to come in on shifts or flexible hours in order to minimize the chance of viral transmission.

Soooradio’s 3rd Anniversary: FEBC Hong Kong’s local ministry Soooradio held a special anniversary thanksgiving event on March 21 online. Over the past 3 years, 231 students have gone through our training program, 172 of which have started hosting their own program. In the 3 years, Soooradio presented 140 programs of different genres totaling 1,820 episodes in all! The average number of programs listened was 22,543. All praises be to God!