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God Wakes Me Up “I followed my aunt to believe in Jesus 20 years ago but I have forgotten God after my marriage. My wife had brain cancer in 2017. I used up all my money, selling my house and car for healing her. I was under great pressure and fell off while riding a motorcycle. I was almost killed. At present it is found out that I have uremia. I cannot do any job. All expenses are covered by […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.24-31)

Pray for Family “Please pray for my brother who seems to be keen in Christianity yet, may God expand his heart and help regain his love to his wife. My sister got spinal disc herniation while her husband is diabetic. The little grandson MengEn who is at the age of two or three is physically unwell, care and attention thus always needed. My nephew whose wife is a non-Christian is not that serious in his Christian belief. May our Lord […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.17-23)

The Lord heard “My son found a 6 mm nodule in his lungs during CT yesterday. The doctor said it would be fine if it wouldn’t get bigger, and he recommended a review three months later! Please pray for my son! I here also share a witness for Christ: on the way my son and his friend drove to Anhui the night before yesterday, a large container truck was trailing their car on the road. Due to driver fatigue, the […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.10-16)

Coronavirus Pandemic: The Coronavirus Pandemic erupted consecutively in China, Europe and the United States, and is still spreading like wild fire in over 200 countries around the world. Not only are the number of confirmed cases and deaths on the rise dramatically, they are rising exponentially by the day. Let us pray earnestly to our Lord that He will have mercy on us and that the pandemic may soon be contained. Program Responses: While normal operations in many countries are […]

Prayer Request (2020.04)

Facing My Inner Heart “I was formerly afraid that my family members would not let my mother take psychiatric drugs. Therefore I told a minor lie in my family chat group, saying that she needed to take anti-anxiety drugs because of her anxiety and mild Alzheimer’s disease. My elder sister said it would be fine if the drugs could control her sickness. My younger brother said it was necessary to buy her some nutritious food. My nephew deliberately came from […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.01-09)