China News & Prayer (2020.04.09-15)

Whole Family Collapsed

“The hospital informed me that my father was gone. Until now my whole family has collapsed. The two children have reduced fever, but three adults have continued to have a fever and severe symptoms. Currently among the three adults, only my wife can get up, but she is feeble after she has stood for a while. I have worked hard all the way for more than ten years to reach the middle class. When the natural disaster comes, I have found that there is nothing but only endless powerlessness! My father’s death was too sudden and I couldn’t see him for the last time. Currently I still cannot manage his funeral myself. My condition is getting worse. But my two kids need care. I am the “pillar” of my family and I must not fall!”

(Brother Hu of Wuhan)

  • Please pray for Brother Hu’s family. It is grateful to know that his family has been admitted to hospital and their condition has improved. Pray that the family will recover as soon as possible and overcome this epidemic situation.

Wartime Control

An  emergency  notice  was  issued  in  Dawu  County  of  the province  on  Feb  13  that  wartime  closed  management would be implemented. All residents will not be allowed to go into or out of the buildings, except for medical personnel, practitioners  of  medical  materials,  anti-epidemic  public servants, volunteers, staff of designated supermarkets and pharmacies, purchasing agents, and practitioners of basic people’s livelihood  necessities  such  as  water,  electricity, petroleum, gas and communication networks. Violators will be detained in accordance with wartime regulations. Dawu County  is  under  the  jurisdiction  of  Xiaogan  City,  Hubei Province. As at Feb 12, an accumulation of 238 cases had been  diagnosed  in  Dawu  County.  It  is  worth  noting  that Dawu  County  is  not  the  area  with  the  most  serious epidemic  in  Xiaogan  City,  but  it  ranks  second  to  the  last among the seven areas there.

(“The Daily Economic News”, February 13, 2020)

  • It  is  reported  that  the  implementation  of  “wartime control”    is    an    extraordinary    action    during    the extraordinary  period. Ask  the  Lord  to  stop  the  spread of the epidemic under the situation of strict control.

Uyghur Believers

Ancestors of the Uyghur people were the Colt tribe of Turk who had been exposed to the gospel of Christ early. At the beginning of the 11th century, 200,000 people of this tribe had been baptized and converted to the Lord. Since the beginning of the 14th century, Uyghur people and the entire tribe had been converted to Islam. By the end of the 19th century, a missionary team came from Sweden to preach the gospel and some Uyghur people were converted to the Lord. Currently there are tireless efforts to preach to the Uyghur people. However, the external and internal environments are very severe. It is reported that there are still Uyghur Christians who follow the Lord secretly.

  • Some Uyghur believers translate spiritual books for nurturing believers into Uyghur and publish them as audio books recorded for training believers spiritually. Please pray for Uyghur believers amid hardships and dangers and for the production of these audio training materials. Also ask the Lord to open the way for FEBC to be involved in distributing and broadcasting these precious materials so that more believers can be supported and helped.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcasting Platform: The working environment was severe and Hong Kong society was restless last year. However, our Liangyou Index increased by 88 per cent over 2018! The broadcast of the programs on demand and downloading volume exceeded 1.6 million times on average per month! A total of 700 new students were also added to Liangyou Theological Seminary. In the light of an untimely condition, we thank the Heavenly Father for allowing more listeners and students to listen to our programs and attend lessons by resorting to the radio station.
  2. Ministry Obstructed: Due to the impact of the epidemic, the training course of “The Way of Pastors” originally scheduled this month needs to be rescheduled.