China News & Prayer (2020.04.01-08)

Elderly Grandparents

“Please save my beloved grandparents who are both 83 years old and have now highly suspected of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia. Grandma has got tested but the result will take at least four days to reveal. The aged are diabetic, with symptoms of dementia and have difficulty in mobility. Only my emaciated aunt is taking care of them, and she is now urging for medicines, masks, alcohol, gloves and other supplies! I am hoping someone can help them find medical supplies so that they can survive through this difficult period.”

(Brother Li, Wuhan)

  • Pray for Brother Li’s grandparents. May the Lord protect them, be with them and save them from the attack of COVID-19. May God strengthen his auntie and enable her to take good care of the elderly with enough provision of medical supplies.

Huludao Explosion

At around 19:50 on Feb 11, an explosion happened at a clethodim factory of the Liaoning Xianda Agricultural Science Co., Ltd. in Huludao City. As of 1:10 on Feb 12, all the flames were put out. At least five were killed, ten injured and four of whom went to the hospital by themselves. After being treated at full speed, all the wounded have now with no life-threatening danger. On the morning of the 12th, the Environmental Monitoring Center went to the site to carry out emergency monitoring. No toluene, a pollution agent, was detected. It is reported that the operation of the company involved has come to a halt for rectification while its responsible person is under arrest. Relief work has been performed while an investigation into the cause of this incident is underway.

(“CCTV News Client”, February 11, 2020)

  • In the face of the outbreak of the epidemic, may the Lord help the wounded recover well in the hospital. Moreover, may the relevant unit exert their utmost to provide psychological comfort and compensation for the families of the deceased. Pray also that no environmental pollution was made by the explosion

Have A Fever Too

“My niece and her husband living in Wuchang and have been under home quarantine for 8 or 9 days because of a continuum of high fever. Despite that they are suspects of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia, there are no beds for them to hospitalize for treatment. May my brothers and sisters in Christ pray for them. May there be beds in the hospital where this couple can be treated and got recovered. And more importantly, may God open their hearts, let them repent and believe the gospel of the Lord. Thank you!”

(Sister Xu, Wuhan)

  • Please pray for Sister Xu’s niece and her husband. Let them quickly admit to the hospital for treatment and through this adverse situation can they find the true God as the master of their lives; to get healed and have peace with the presence of God all along. May there be glory to the Lord.


As claimed “If Wuhan wins the battle against the virus, Hubei will. If Hubei wins the battle, the nation will”, there are aids gathered from the whole country to Hubei. On Feb 11, the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University lined up to support Yichang, Hubei. They would be stationed in local hospitals to take over wards with more severe patients. Netizens used the homophonic “Jian-Yi- Yong-Wei” (meaning never hesitate to do what is right) to describe this friendship. Before they started off, the crew all stood in line in front of the First Hospital awaiting their commanders to call their names. Hearing the replies of “Presence” from these ready-to-go colleagues, their counterparts in white coats came with tears in their eyes to wave them good-bye. The team promised that when the epidemic situation resolves, they will do the roll call again on their safe return: “Not One Less!”

(“Guangming Penguin”, February 12, 2020)

  • Regardless of ones own safety, the back-up action of this medical team has moved the hearts of many. Pray for the Lord to keep the mind, body and spiritual wellness of the whole team.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcasting Platform: The working environment was severe and Hong Kong society was restless last year. However, our Liangyou Index increased by 88 per cent over 2018! The broadcast of the programs on demand and downloading volume exceeded 1.6 million times on average per month! A total of 700 new students were also added to Liangyou Theological Seminary. In the light of an untimely condition, we thank the Heavenly Father for allowing more listeners and students to listen to our programs and attend lessons by resorting to the radio station.
  2. Ministry Obstructed: Due to the impact of the epidemic, the training course of “The Way of Pastors” originally scheduled this month needs to be rescheduled.