Prayer Request (2020.03)

COVID-19 Outbreak: The COVID-19 virus outbreak which began in China has propagated itself throughout the whole world. At the time of writing, over 60 countries have confirmed cases, over 90,000 people have been infected, and over 3,000 deaths have been recorded! To combat the disease, many countries including China and Hong Kong are taking the strictest preventive measures. Let us pray together earnestly to our heavenly Father that this epidemic will cease soon! May the Lord have mercy on everyone in this world, in Hong Kong and in China, that He will be with us in this calamity, and outstretch His hand to save us all!

Radio Programs: Although we are practicing flexi-hour for our staff during this epidemic, we managed to keep up with our program productions. And particularly in live call-in programs, we get to hear stories from callers from Wuhan and other areas and pray with them individually. Responses are tremendous! Being able to walk through the valley with our listeners, after all, is our prime purpose and mandate! On another front, our local ministry Soooradio has tailor-made a special series “Your Will Be Done” where 39 pastors have participated with their intercessions. It was also met with excellent responses.

Web-based Platforms: Both our text material and audio programs have well been received over social media in the Mainland. However, new religious policies are causing web management to step up with their control. For that reason, some of our articles and programs containing sensitive wordings were taken off. May the Lord help us in keeping our messages available on the web, that listeners may be blessed.

“Through the Bible”: To encourage listeners to maintain a systematic way in studying the Bible, we are launching a new program “Through the Bible” on March 30. This 30 minute Bible program aired 5 times a week is produced in both Putonghua and Cantonese. May the Lord use this new program, that many can build their faith on a solid scriptural foundation.