China News & Prayer (2020.03.08-14)

A Low Self-esteem Person

“I am a person with very low self-esteem. My husband, held captive by alcohol, completely changed my life in 2014. I lived a difficult life and experienced the Lord gradually. I have suffered from mental illness and want to die with my children many times. I want to give up my husband and take good care of my children. Yet they are rebellious and our relationship is tense. I know I have to rely on the Lord, but I am not confident enough. I always feel humiliated, and I have been ridiculed and bullied in my church. I endure everything desperately. I cry secretly and dare not to communicate with others. I am only eager to learn the Word of God.”

(An audience named as “a sister outside”)

  • Please pray that the Lord will give the sister strength to face her life, concentrate on learning the Lord’s words and overcome her disease.

Pace of 5G Commercial Use

The “5G+” Smart Security Sunac Development Forum was held in Beijing on January 11. The development and frontier trends of the network security technology in the context of 5G were explored in the forum. Currently China has fully launched the 5G construction with 126,000 5G base stations opened nationwide. The large-scale construction is expected to take place officially in 2020. 48,000 5G base stations will be newly built in Guangdong within 2020. Before the end of June, the Guangdong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department will issue standard construction specifications of reserving facilities such as 5G macro stations, micro stations and indoor systems for the construction of new residential and commercial buildings. A continuous coverage of the central urban area of the Pearl River Delta will be basically achieved.

(“Xinhuanet”, January 14, 2020)

  • It is believed that the development and popularization of the 5G network can bring a greater opportunity for the media which use the network to evangelize. Please ask God to guide this opportunity to become a booster of gospel preaching. Also pray that there is no restriction on the security of the networks used by evangelical institutes.

The Dongxiang Huihui

The Dongxiang tribe, which has a population of more than 600,000, is named after their living location in Dongxiang of Linxia, Gansu Province. They were formerly named as Dongxiang Huihui. They also call themselves “Saerta” which means “Central Asian people who believe in Islam”. They are deeply committed to the Hanafi school which is one of the Sunni Islamic religious schools. There were missionaries who had preached to them before 1949. Yet no obvious fruits were achieved. However, there are evidences proving that the missionary ministry has yielded fruits among the Dongxiang people, and that pastors have been called to actively witness the Lord and translate the Bible.

  • Believers of Dongxiang people are willing to preach the gospel to their compatriots amid hardship. Furthermore, the Dongxiang people do not have their own characters. Some believers hope that they can produce an audio bible recorded with the Dongxiang dialect. They are seeking God’s will to see if FEBC will also be involved. Please pray that if the Lord allows, may the Lord call His workers and supply the funds required for this ministry.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcasting Platforms: Our short-wave and medium-wave broadcasts are quite stable. Yet they are not so stable and reliable on the internet or social media platforms due to the regulations and concerns of the Mainland. Please pray that our programs will be blessed by the Lord and transmitted smoothly to listeners through the air waves!
  2. Gospel Session: Radio YiYou, AM broadcasting (AM1566) is created as a gospel channel for proclaiming the gospel preparatory ministry and evangelical messages at 9:45 pm-12:30 am. Its broadcast can be received via radios and car radios in provinces such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Jiangxi. Please pray for the new gospel session. It is hoped that more compatriots can know the Lord by listening to the radio programs!