China News & Prayer (2020.01.11-17)

My Life Rekindled

“It is the Lord who helps me and guides me to regain my power through every time of pain and loneliness. It is the Lord who let me know the value and meaning of life, and understand the preciousness of soul. It is also the Lord who has accepted me as His child and made my broken heart rekindled with the living passion! I have listened to your programs for three years. I am grateful that the Lord has used this platform to make me enter the stage of marriage and have a happy family. My husband, a Christian brother, loves me very much. I fully understand that the Lord has cared such a lowly person like me. I am just an abandoned, marginalized and unloved person. The Lord has also made me feel love and family warmth. I am no longer frightened and lonely. It is because He always looks after and accompanies me in my life.”

(A listener names as a “Grateful Person”)

  • Please pray that “Grateful Person” can find love and direction of life in the Lord; and can experience the blessings of the Lord. Also pray that she will be able to testify her own experiences with people around to glorify the Lord’s name.

Headband Monitoring

A primary school in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province has let students to put on a device called “Mind-detecting Headband”. The product claims to be able to detect students’ attention during their lessons and homework. The “attention scores” of students, can be sent to teachers and parents in the WeChat group every 10 minutes so that they can monitor the children’s “good or bad” condition in the class. Online controversy was aroused after the incident had been disclosed. The education department stopped it urgently. It was known that the education department did not know beforehand when the device was brought into the school campus.

(“Hangzhou News, Xinhua News Agency”, Nov 10, 2019)

  • Please pray that school authorities will use technological products with caution. Any technological products should be assessed and reported before they come into use in the school campus. It is subject to question that whether or not students’ attention can be monitored in this way.

X’mas Program for Bai

The gospel program for the Bai people, “Magpie in the Sun”, has been broadcast for many years. A special Christmas program will be produced for them at Christmas time in 2019 and the Bai people of Dali will be the main target. The good news of Christ’s birth will be proclaimed in their mother tongue. A short radio drama, “Is there any place?” has also been prepared. I believe this is the radio drama produced for the Bai people for the first time. Although it is only a short one, it is a very good task. Our co-workers have to double their efforts to make this new attempt.

  • Ask the Lord to use the Bai believers and churches to spread the good news of Christ’s birth in the severe winter. Please pray for the production and broadcast of this special Christmas program. Ask the Lord to give wisdom and power so that every participant can contribute the best to produce an attractive program. In addition, please pray for the promotion of the program. The people who can listen on time may not be numerous due to the limited channels. Therefore we have also planned to promote and broadcast the program via social platforms. It is hoped that more Bai compatriots will learn the good news that Christ   was born to the world.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Audience Response: The downloading volume of listeners through different platforms continues to remain high amid the current situation. The training program, “Disciple Training”, which was launched at the end of October, has received overwhelming response. The program notebooks for the audience have been short of supply and need to be double printed. Moreover, two days of live broadcast have been added in the prayer program, “Throne of Grace”, after the revision. Its audience response is very good. An average of 13-15 calls is received from the audience during the 18-minute phone-in session. The audience asks for intercession for their personal or ministry needs.
  2. Production Increased: In response to the demand for the systematic bible study by Mainland pastors and believers, we will launch a new program on systematic bible study at the end of March next year. In addition to the existing bible teaching programs of “Liangyou Theological Seminary” and “Liangyou Radio”, the new program, “Crossing the Bible”, will be produced. Please pray for its current plan and production being carried out intensively.