Prayer Request (2019.12)

Return to Radio: Recently, a China ministry researcher pointed out that radio gospel broadcasting had played an important role in the growth of the inner church in the past 70 years. Under the tightened religious regulation, the stability of the use of WeChat and Websites has been greatly challenged and has become less reliable. In addition, the message delivered by the pastors in registered church will be increasingly away from the teachings of the Bible. Therefore, many mainland ministers are even more eager to return to gospel radio in search of pure sermons and biblical teachings. They also listened more carefully to the sermons and systematic reading of the Bible!

Audience Response: The download rate through different platforms continued to be high. The “Disciple Training”, which was launched at the end of October, responded enthusiastically. The audience’s notebooks was in short supply and needed to be printed more. The prayer program “Throne of Grace” is now live on every Tuesdays and Thursdays. the audience’s response was also very good. In the 18-minute call-in session, an average of 13-15 calls is recorded, and asking for personal prayers.

New Production: In response to the needs of the mainland ministers and believers on the systematic Bible, in addition to the existing Bible teaching programs of the “Liangyou Theological Seminary” and “Radio Liangyou”, a new systematic study of the Bible “Thru the Bible” will be launched at the end of March next year. Please pray for the planning and production of this program.

Staff Retirement: Kitty Law, Duty Office-in-Charge of the Training Center, will be retired in late November. Ms Law has served for 27 years in FEBC Hong Kong. May the Lord firmly establish the work of Ms Law, and ask the Lord to bless her life and service after retirement.