China News & Prayer (2019.12.09-15)

Serious Sickness

“It is urgent to pray for my friend surnamed Liu. His sickness is getting more and more serious. His hands and feet were swollen a few days ago. This was because he collapsed and got very sick after he had returned from his trip to Tibet in June. It should be altitude sickness. Liu is an aviation coach. He has been very healthy before his illness. He is unmarried and his family lives in Inner Mongolia. He is staying in the Beijing Military Hospital. Please ask the Lord to choose him and save his soul so that he will be under the name of Jesus. There are sisters in Christ who have visited him and shared the gospel with him this month. There are also Christian family members who have guided him to pray. May the Lord’s purpose be accomplished. Pray that he will experience the Lord’s almighty healing when he is most helpless.”

(A Sister)

  • Please pray for the sister’s friend surname Liu. Ask the Lord to heal his physical sickness and choose him as the child of God. Also pray that the Lord will save him from the power of the evils so that he will experience of the Lord’s almighty healing and glorify God.

E-cigarette Supervision

Currently the National Health Commission is working with relevant departments to conduct research on e-cigarette supervision. It plans to supervise e-cigarettes through legislation in order to reduce new smokers and people’s exposure to e-cigarettes. China is the world’s largest manufacturing base of e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette production in Shenzhen accounts for about 90% of the overall global production. At this critical time when most countries in the world begin to strengthen supervision of e-cigarettes, China’s supervision of e-cigarettes is gradually progressing. Shenzhen has definitely included e-cigarettes in tobacco control since October 1. Penalties will be directly imposed for personal illegal smoking. Apart from Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qinhuangdao, Zhangjiakou and other places have also included e-cigarettes in their scope of tobacco supervision.

(“Time Weekly”, October 15, 2019)

  • China’s e-cigarettes are in a state of three “noes” at present: no product standard, no quality control and no safety assessment. Moreover, global fatality cases caused by e-cigarettes continue to happen. Please pray that stricter control over e-cigarettes will be implemented.

The Large Flowery Miao

The early missionaries devoted themselves to the ministry for the Miao people. Blessed by God, they brought unprecedented blessing to them and almost the entire tribe returned to the Lord. However, as the time has changed, the Large Flowery Miao churches have been attacked tremendously. Many young people have lost the faith of their fathers’ generation. The churches have become indifferent. A Large Flowery Miao pastor expressed great worry and was very concerned about the burden of the co-workers. He proposed the need for intercession.

  • Please pray for the spiritual growth of the Large Flowery Miao church co-workers which will help them preach the gospel truth correctly. Also pray for the marriage and life of the Large Flowery Miao co-workers. Please pray that the believers can experience and live out faith in their lives. In addition, pray that facing the current policy and environment, the Large Flowery Miao churches can maintain their faith and have the wisdom to obey those required to be obeyed. Ask the Lord to let these churches revive again and become gospel messengers to witness the gospel among other ethnic minorities.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. New Programs: Radio Liangyou launched a new program schedule at the end of October. In response to the needs of the audience, a number of newly produced programs are launched including: “Disciple Training” which has been prepared for a long time to strengthen the disciples’ life of faith; “Happy Junior” which is produced for the youngsters aged 13-18; and “Better Half of the Sky” which provides a space to let women take a rest, refresh and encourage one another.
  2. Come Together: In the light of increasingly strict control in the mainland, we pray and hope that Hong Kong churches can encourage more believers to care about the gospel needs of the mainland. To this end, the churches are welcome to invite our co-workers to share in the Sunday Services. Our co-workers can also hold the “Pray for China” meeting to share the current situation of the mainland.