China News & Prayer (2019.11.24-30)

No Break Free

“I am studying at a seminary and had served at the church previously. I got the masturbation habits in 2013 and couldn’t stop since then, no matter how hard I had tried. This habit has greatly affected my work and study; it has ruined my spiritual life and hindered my service in the church. I feel I have disgraced the Lord, but I just can’t get rid of it. I have lost my direction: Should I service in the church this year? Hoping to get help and advice, I have thought of confessing my sin to the church elders; but out of fear that my sin would be disclosed and spread through the church, I held back to avoid bringing more trauma and pressure to myself. Seeing no break free from the same sin, my guilty feeling once called me to commit suicide. I just can’t help myself.”

(Brother “Muzi”)

  • May God revive the soul of brother “Muzi”. By the grace of God and His power of love, help brother resist the sinful temptation but to break free and live right in the Lord again.

“Ghost-fire” Teenager

Baima Town of Guangxi is the area where “Ghost fire” is rampant. After entering the night, youngsters in mushroom haircut, tights and slippers accelerate the power of their vehicles, which are electric scooters with colorful LED lights called “Ghost fire”, to get set on their drag racing. These fast-moving scooters are like ghost fires glowing in the dark. This kind of scooters are illegally modified and those who are riding them are mostly left-behind children aged between 10 and 18. They dropped out of school and work after their junior high level. Therefore, playing “Ghost-fire” became their only exit of boredom. Without any driver’s license nor riding on any licensed motor vehicle, their acts seriously affect the road safety. Recently, the traffic police launched a “squatting action” to rectify serious traffic violations among which “Ghost-fire” is their major concern.

(“The Beijing News”, October 15, 2019)

  • “Ghost-fire” highlights more of the helplessness and bitterness behind these left-behind children. What they need is the care and warmth from their families.

Relationship Improved

“During the Spring Festival, my daughter returned her home in Hebei for 40 days. My relationship with her has greatly improved. Instead of accusations and blame, as in the past, I now talk to her with more encouraging words; my daughter who was ill-tempered is now more understanding and initiative than before. She helps the cooking and even bought me a small gift when she returned this time. I am very grateful though I know we still have to work on our communication. Pray that the Lord will keep us a good mother-daughter relationship.”

(Sister Wang, Hebei Province)

  • Thankful for the joyful reunion of sister Wang and her daughter. God has moved the hearts of both. For the goodness sake of each other, they are willing to learn and let go of their own thoughts and feelings. May their understanding, care and love for each other can grow day by day.

Drought Resistance in Jiangxi

The continuous low-rain has caused drought in many towns in Poyang County. Among them is Houjiagang Township at which its high terrain in a mountainous area has caused 53 out of the 59 small type II reservoirs in the township to dry up. The supply of villagers’ living water is also affected. From late July to early October, the average rainfall in Jiangxi Province was 96 mm, which was about 70% less than the average. It was the lowest in the history of the same period. The continuous low rainfall caused the water level of the main rivers in Jiangxi Province to decline. Due to the lack of water sources for irrigation, rice fields in some places have been cracked and whitened. In face of the current drought, various measures have been taken in Jiangxi to actively organize the masses to carry out drought relief for self-rescue, striving to minimize the losses caused by the drought.

(“Xinhua News Online”, October 14, 2019)

  • Pray for the drought in all parts of Jiangxi. May the government rightly allocate the limited water sources to meet the water needs of residents. Besides, may a comprehensive irrigation system against drought be established.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. New Programs: Radio Liangyou launched a new program schedule at the end of October. In response to the needs of the audience, a number of newly produced programs are launched including: “Disciple Training” which has been prepared for a long time to strengthen the disciples’ life of faith; “Happy Junior” which is produced for the youngsters aged 13-18; and “Better Half of the Sky” which provides a space to let women take a rest, refresh and encourage one another.
  2. Come Together: In the light of increasingly strict control in the mainland, we pray and hope that Hong Kong churches can encourage more believers to care about the gospel needs of the mainland. To this end, the churches are welcome to invite our co-workers to share in the Sunday Services. Our co-workers can also hold the “Pray for China” meeting to share the current situation of the mainland.