China News & Prayer (2019.11.01-09)

Can’t Hold On Anymore

“My mother was a rural woman who lived in bitterness throughout her life. My marriage is undesirable and so is my younger brother’s. He said of a divorce when quarreled with his wife who, berated my mother and made her ill and eventually stoke. God saved my mother, but she was left unattended at her maternal home after hospital discharge. Because of difference in belief, my husband didn’t get along with my mother. He didn’t respect or feel thankful to my mother, despite that it was her who paid the down payment for our flat. He took my mother’s favor for granted, and even banned her from coming to our house. Mother didn’t want my brother to pay her medical expenses as his wife was the one in control of the home finance. In the end, my mother chose suicide. I can’t get over my sadness. My husband doesn’t allow me to go to church. I am such a feeble sinner and in the face of all these difficulties, I can’t hold on any longer!”

(Sister Lin)

  • Pray for sister Lin’s situation. May the Lord heal her wounds; comfort and lead her out of darkness and self-blaming. By the Lord, may she be strong enough to brave the difficulties ahead.

Escaped Tiger

On the evening of September 6, a rural circus performance took place at the entrance of a school in Yuanyang County, Henan. A Siberian tiger rented by a certain animal-raising group in Anhui tried to “prison break” twice during the performance. In the second time, it climbed over a fence about four meters high and jumped out. The audience dispersed and ran for their lives. Immediately, a large search was launched in the area. The next morning in a cornfield, with the help of anesthesia the tiger was captured by the police. It was then sent to the local zoo in Xinxiang. Unfortunately, the tiger died on its way. Two personnel in charge from the circus have been criminally detained by the local police.

(“The Paper News”, September 9, 2019)

  • Fortunately, no casualties caused. Regardless of animal protection or the personal safety of audience, the relevant departments should strictly enact some laws to regulate the performance of animals especially those traveling circuses as in the case.


“I married in 2004, just to hope to be away from home. I didn’t expect nor dare to imagine what that followed. Do you know? My heart was broken. I wished desperately to share my bitterness with others, but no one could really help. My father, that is my child’s grandfather, thought of a vicious idea: He firstly got me a distant cousin, who wanted a son, to have sex with me. I hurt that cousin and then he left me after taking advantage of me. I was so helpless and I didn’t know what to do. I tried my best not to hurt others. But when I am unhappy, I can only talk to my brothers and sisters in Christ.”

(Audience “Brokenhearted”)

  • Pray for “Brokenhearted”. May the Lord wipe her tears and comfort her; take her out of the haze and grant her wisdom to turn down unfavorable demands.

Lack of Teachers

At the beginning of the new semester, 11 primary school principals of Xiaoliang Mountain area drove to the Lijiang office of the Northwestern Education Group. There was only one reason for this three-hour ride: to “grab” their teaching corps. The Head of this teaching corps was pleased to see the popularity of their teachers. At the same time, he worried that the total of these 30 long-term teachers from Batch 77 might still fail to satisfy all the needs of the rural. As these mountain schools are remotely located, the number of teachers has always been short. In the past two years, the county has established a new education school in Xiaoliang Mountain. New teachers have been selected from various townships and village schools. In addition, due to a relax on the second-child policy, some female teachers have taken maternity leave etc. which all stretched even more on the provision of teachers. In the worst case, a lack of one teacher would lead to a suspension of one whole class level of a mountain school.

(“Tencent News”, September 10, 2019)

  • Pray for these voluntary teaching groups that the number of volunteer teachers enrolled is enough and the funds that collected is sufficient for their operation so that children in the mountains can receive good education too.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Transmission Signals: The churches and believers in the Mainland are in need of our programs to receive spiritual feeding and teaching since last year’s implementation of the new religious regulations. Please pray for our shortwave and medium wave broadcast so that the audience can receive the transmission of our programs clearly. Also ask the Lord to maintain the broadcast of our new media platforms to enable us to proclaim the words of God smoothly.
  2. New Resource Library: Radio Liangyou has launched a new resource library ( which allows believers to review the programs and special issues which have been broadcast for a maximum of one year. In addition, the texts of each program have been uploaded to this resource library for more convenient search by the audience. It is hoped that the library can help the Mainland believers!