China News & Prayer (2019.10.10-16)

Lack of Love

“I am a girl who has been left out by my mother who only likes boys. I have lacked love since my childhood. My mother often criticizes me with hurting words. I am 42 years old now. Her hurting words have been remaining in my heart. I got married at the age of 21. I am extroverted but my husband is introverted. Our temper is conflicting. Every time when we talk, we quarrel. We have not communicated and have slept separately for seven or eight years. Recently I have known an internet friend. We have fallen in love and even lived together after a short period of time. I am very painful. I don’t know how to let go of this affair. His residence is close to me and we often meet. I try to delete him from my WeChat list. But he asks me to contact him and just wants to talk ordinarily. Every time when I delete him, I feel very painful and miss him. I don’t know what to do.”

(Audience “A Painful Person”)

  • Please pray for “A Painful Person”. Ask the Lord to give her wisdom and courage to face the reality, and let her understand which is the most important, her family or her lover. Also pray that she will be resolved not to do regretful things.

Strict Accountability

The in-charge of the Ministry of Finance announced that the financial departments and their staff members would be held accountable for fraudulent gain of the poverty alleviation fund by means of trickery. No matter which level the financial departments belong to and which cadre, they must be strictly held accountable once they were involved in the fraudulence. In light of the problems of financial abuse found currently in the management of the poverty alleviation fund, the person-in-charge introduced the “measures”. In accordance with the “Budget Law of the PRC” and “Financial Disciplinary Punishment Regulations”, provisions of the “measures” were sorted out: 1. To gain poverty alleviation funds by trickery; 2. To make the funds idle by delaying the disbursement without a reason; 3. corruption, misappropriation of the funds; 4. Unauthorized changes in the fund usage plans; 5. Forgery, alteration and destruction of proofs. Penalties will be imposed strictly on all these.

(“China News”, August 9, 2019)

  • In order to prevent the poor from getting poorer and the rich from getting richer, the government must investigate the accountability for all abuses of power which were done to seek personal advantages. Please pray that the measures can be implemented and ask for the mercy of Lord.

Kham’s New Generation

The Kham people are an offshoot of Tibetans. They are pious Lama believers distributed throughout western Sichuan, eastern Tibet and Qinghai. Christian ministry began there at the end of the 19th century but there was little effect. God has still loved the Kham people for many years. He has sent servants to serve them devotedly. In recent years, many young Kham Tibetans have received higher education. They have known the gospel through different means. However, the obstacles they have encountered are very big and their spiritual growth is difficult. The believers are driven away by their families. The pastors serving the Kham people also face great pressure. They strive to stay with the young believers to support them with a very cautious attitude.

  • Please pray for the God’s servants among the Kham Tibetans. Ask the Lord to give them the wisdom to train and nurture the Kham youths who have believed in the Lord, and to keep up all their learning activities. May the Lord be graceful to the Kham youths who have left their homeland and gone to the big cities for tertiary study. Ask the Lord to give them the opportunities of hearing the gospel and pray for the radio broadcast for the Kham people.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Radio Liangyou Anniversary: The 29th of July was the 70th anniversary of Radio Liangyou. We held a three-hour special program for this celebration. In the first hour, there was a thanksgiving worship which was followed by two hours’ live broadcast. During the program, congratulating calls were received from the audience of many provinces and there were also hundreds of messages! The co-workers were very grateful. Pray that the programs of Radio Liangyou will continue to bring the gospel to the compatriots so that their lives can be renewed and changed.
  2. Discipleship Program: In order to build up more committed believers, we will launch a new discipleship program at the end of October. Please pray for its production co-workers who are working intensively. Also pray for the listeners so that they will become good and faithful servants of the Lord through the program.