China News & Prayer (2019.09.09-15)

Runaway Girl

“This is an urgent matter which requires your help. Please pray for the girl, Zhenzhen, and ask God to pity and rescue her. I have warned her many times but she does not listen to me and insists on violating God’s words. Please pray that she can stop her relationship with the man who has made her body sin. She is a Christian but that man is not. I do not want to see a person falling into the trap of lust. She has followed that man and left her family. He is engaged in drug trafficking activities. I earnestly ask you to pray for her. I hope that God will raise His righteous right hand to save her.”

(Sister Guo)

  • Please pray for Zhenzhen. Ask the Lord to save her from the temptations. Please pray for her awakening to let her know that what she has done makes God and her family worried; and to make her determined to evade sins. Ask the Lord to rescue her, and to make her confess, repent and return to the Lord.

Heavy Rainfall in the South

According to Central Radio and TV Station, heavy rainfall which had continued for many days in the southern region started to weaken on July 15, but the flood control was still severe in many areas. The water level in Poyang Lake District and Wuhewei of Jiangxi Province was above the warning level. The water levels of 22 stations along a total of four rivers in Jiangxi exceeded the warning line. In the Anhui section of the Changjiang, the water in the stations of Datong, Wuhu and Maanshan would approach or surpass the warning level. The flood prevention level-four emergency response had been launched in Anhui Province. More than 3,000 people were moved along the river. Affected by the water coming from Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake, the water level from the Jianli to Jiujiang sections of the Changjian mainstream in Hubei Province was rising continuously. The level-four response of flood and drought prevention had been activated there.

(“China National Radio”, July 16, 2019)

  • Please pray for the pity of the Heavenly Father to minimize the destruction by the natural disasters and to stop the floods so that the people will not suffer. Also pray that the relevant government departments can carry out the flood control measures properly.

Extremely Charismatic

“When I was young, I believed in the Lord together with my mother. Compelled by my father during my secondary education, I left the church like a prodigal son. Until 2015, God called me back to church again. My church is in Chongqing while my mother’s is in Wanzhou. The two churches are connected to each other. Last year, the leaders of my mother’s church joined heresy and left. Then my church told us to be careful in receiving the brothers and sisters from Wanzhou’s church. Yesterday I saw my mother reading a book called ‘Practical Handbook’ when I went home. I searched its author via the WeChat and found that he was extremely Charismatic. So I was very worried and I did not want to see my mother being cheated.”

(An Audience “Sister Xiaolan”)

  • Please pray that Sister Xiaolan’s mother can understand the truth and take root in the Lord’s words properly. Also pray that her mother will read the Bible diligently and long for pure doctrines.

Revival of Miao

In 1888, two British missionaries, Dang Juren (China Inland Mission) and Samuel Pollard (The Methodist Association) entered Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces successively, spreading the gospel seeds to the Dahua Miao (Large Flower Miao) people. The most popular thing was that in 1905, Pollard and Miao intellectuals such as Jacob Yang co-operated to create the pinyin text for the Miao people. Pollard created symbols close to their daily life by referring to and adopting the patterns and symbols on their flowery skirts. However, the younger generations no longer learned this Miao language year after year. Even their belief in Christianity has faded gradually. The Christian pastors and leaders of Dahua Miao are very anxious about the indifferent church condition.

  • Please pray for the efforts of actively training a new generation of Dahua Miao believers and leaders in the two provinces. Pray for the workers who are engaged in the recording and production of the Bible training programs. Ask the Lord to protect the translating and recording co-workers and their environment. Pray that the Lord will revive the Dahua Miao believers for proclaiming the gospel truth to the next generations.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast ministry: Ask the Heavenly Father to bless our broadcast on various platforms such as shortwave and medium wave, internet and mobile applications so that the transmission of the programs can be protected from interference and obstruction. Soooradio broadcast has also made great progress. Compared with last year, the audience figure has doubled! We have just completed a joint project with a local school – training of 16 primary school grade six and secondary school grade one students.
  2. The Ways of the Pastors: 18 participants joined the latest session of “The Ways of the Pastors” training. They were all able to come to Hong Kong to complete their studies and returned their homes safely. It is hoped that they can apply what they have learned to the challenging Mainland churches. Recently, Liangyou Theological Seminary has enrolled a number of “re-admitted students”. It is believed that they urgently need to receive the training for the truth and ministries under the present situation.