China News & Prayer (2019.08.24-31)

Cheated on Husband

“Having been deceived by a man, I cheated on my husband. That man then set me up and haunted me to the point that I almost divorced my husband and committed suicide. Though we haven’t divorced in the end, my husband always ignores me and treats me badly. I am not forgiven! He loses more money on gambling, saving me not even a penny! I must repent and confess my guilt to the Lord to get rid of the evil spirits around me. Now I got no work and no money; life is extremely harsh. I want to get back and be with my two children at my hometown. But due to the lack of money, I may postpone my plan to next year. Right now, I need a job which fits my physical condition.”

(A Sister)

  • Grateful that Sister has confessed and repented. May the Lord protect her from the attack of the devil Satan; heal the hurts of her husband, and keep him away from the temptation of gambling. May he re-accept his wife and re-build a happy family together.

Foul-mouthed Teacher

A junior high school girl in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, was frequently insulted by a teacher for her poor academic performance for nearly half a year. When the girl told her family, no one believed that the teacher would do such verbal abuse. In fact, the teacher involved had been awarded the school’s excellent teacher. The girl secretly recorded more than 100 pieces with a total recording duration of up to 20 hours while she was scolded by the teacher between June 14 and July 5. In the recording, the teacher not only abused the student during the class, he even encouraged the whole class to join. In the face of accusation, the managerial board of the school reacted to the incident, indifferently however. After thorough investigation by the district government, the foul-mouthed teacher apologized to the student and her family. He was disciplined and revoked the qualifications of teachers.

(“Shaanxi Metropolis Express”, July 14, 2019)

  • Please pray for the teachers who stand on the front line of education. May they always keep the passion for “teaching and educating the needed” rather than judging and hurting those under-achieved.


“There is an urge for me to remedy my lacking in spoken expression. I am sentimental, but can only be seen on paper, never be spotted on the face or through conversation. I found it hard to share any affectionate words and thoughts with others; even in prayers, the cat has got my tongue! Is it out of shyness or self-doubt? I so wanted to pray before people, but I could never be successful. I feel insecure and totally helpless about myself. In fact, since being called to serve the Lord, the situation has greatly eased, but the feeling still exists. When being misunderstood, for instance, I would get mad at them instead of trying to clarify myself! I feel miserable.”

(Audience “Weak Brother”)

  • Pray for “weak brother”, so that by the grace of the Lord can he overcome his weakness and remove his inner fear; and to face the crowd with the strength from above.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast ministry: Ask the Heavenly Father to bless our broadcast on various platforms such as shortwave and medium wave, internet and mobile applications so that the transmission of the programs can be protected from interference and obstruction. Soooradio broadcast has also made great progress. Compared with last year, the audience figure has doubled! We have just completed a joint project with a local school – training of 16 primary school grade six and secondary school grade one students.
  2. The Ways of the Pastors: 18 participants joined the latest session of “The Ways of the Pastors” training. They were all able to come to Hong Kong to complete their studies and returned their homes safely. It is hoped that they can apply what they have learned to the challenging Mainland churches. Recently, Liangyou Theological Seminary has enrolled a number of “re-admitted students”. It is believed that they urgently need to receive the training for the truth and ministries under the present situation.