China News & Prayer (2019.08.10-16)

I Don’t Want to Give in

“I feel that my husband has not been family-oriented from the time of our marriage to the present. He has not thought about the education of our children. Neither has he thought that his wife needs his company. He has worldly values. I feel that living with such man is very painful. I do not know whether I should let go the children and go to his place to remedy our relationship first or I should hold on alone painfully at my home. I only have one idea in my heart at present. It is to divorce from him. Considering the children’s education, I do not want to give in. I do not want to leave them to his mother. I want him to come back to bring up our children together with me. If his attitude is still very rigid like that in the past, may I divorce from him?”

(Audience “Golgotha”)

  • Please pray for the marriage of “Golgotha”. It is really bad for the couple to separate for a long time. Ask the Lord to open the way for them. Pray that they will abandon their persistence and build up their family with concerted efforts.

Deception by Private Hospitals

Recently, six private hospitals in Linxia, Gansu Province have been investigated by police and 25 people have been detained. According to the Security Bureau, these six hospitals were suspected of being involved in illegal acts such as frauds, forced transactions and extortion. One of them was found to have the conduct of “fraudulently defrauding” the medical insurance fund. At present, the medical practice license of the hospital has been revoked. According to the incomplete statistics, 93 precedent cases have resulted from such cases from 2014 to May 2019. The tactics of defrauding the insurance fund is mainly to change and forge medical records; to increase the number of hospitalization days and prescribe the quantity of drugs falsely. Most of the involved hospital bosses, management officers and medical staff have been sentenced for fraud.

(“The Paper”, June 17, 2019)

  • Ask the Lord to pity the greed of people’s heart. Please pray that the hospitals can concentrate on the  mission of healing and saving people, instead of spending their thoughts on the use of illegal means to obtain benefits.

Bai Population

The Bai population is more than two million and over 80% of the Bai people live in the Dali Autonomous Region of Yunnan Province. Since Buddhism was spread to Dali in Tang Dynasty, the believers have been numerous and Dali has been known as Buddhist State. Catholicism and Christianity were introduced to Dali at the end of Qing Dynasty. A French Catholic priest, Ronnie P. Leyuilifer, came to Dali to preach In 1873. As for Christianity, an English pastor of China Inland Mission, Hua Guoxiang, went to Dali to preach via Burma in 1881. The churches ran charity businesses, built schools, and set up hospitals and orphanages. Dispensaries were also annexed to churches. From the early 19th Century to the forced departure of missionaries in 1951, Christianity was widely spread among the Bai people. Currently there are about 50,000 Bai believers.

  • Thanks to God’s preparation. Many Bai believers actively produce radio programs for broadcast. They also plan to use other media to spread the gospel. Please pray for the production team and ask the Lord to protect every member. Also pray that new teams will join the production and increase new programs.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast Response: Thanks to the Heavenly Father. So far the average figure of the monthly audience response has been nearly 4,600, this year. The downloading volume of the programs has been nearly 1.5 million times. The number of people using various platforms has exceeded 600,000. The monthly average number of freshmen admitted to Liangyou Theological Seminary has also exceeded 60. Pray that the Heavenly Father will use different programs to bless the audience!
  2. Children’s Program: At the end of March, we began to launch a three-level children’s growth program for primary students. It was the “Joyful Tree Holistic Growth Program” which was quite welcome by the audience. Please pray that the Heavenly Father will use this program to entertain mainland churches’ needs for such type of course; and to benefit parents or teachers, and children. Please pray for the co-workers who have produced this program and the children involved.