Prayer Request (2019.07)

Resolve Enmity: The proposal to amend the “Extradition Bill” has brought about another upsurge of dissension in the Hong Kong society. Let us keep a vigilant watch for our place, and ask the Father to resolve enmity, bring conflicts to an end and guide Hongkongers out of the whirl.

Broadcast Ministries: Up till now, FEBC’s mainland gospel broadcast ministries are basically working fine. May the Lord bless our broadcasts via short wave, medium wave, web or mobile app platforms. May our broadcasts be transmitted uninterrupted. Our local ministry Soooradio has made great result too! The listener figures have doubled from those of last year, and the partner program with HKCCCU Logos Academy – training for junior secondary kids – took place from late June to mid-July.

The Ways of the Pastors: The latest enrollment of “The Ways of the Pastors” has got a total of 18 participants, nine male and nine female. They have successfully traveled to Hong Kong, completed their studies and returned home safely for their first time. We pray that what they picked up can be fully applied in the most challenging mainland church settings. The Liangyou Theological Seminary has got more “re-registering students” recently, i.e. those having to give up temporarily and now re-registering for courses done before, probably because of new circumstances that trigger the needs to equip themselves on the truth and relevant ministries. Please keep praying for the churches on the mainland as they need many more pastors and leaders to look after group ministries.

New Resources: Radio Liangyou has launched a handy and all-new resource portal for believers to revise previous programs and feature broadcasts. And both the Radio and the Seminary have produced USB and OTG devices rich in content to give support to mainland ministers and believers. Please remember our needs in the production and dissemination of these resources.