China News & Prayer (2019.07.10-16)

Distressed and Miserable

“A year ago, my husband forced me to sell our house for investment, and we lost nearly 10 million dollars” Although we won the lawsuit, the other party was hiding, and the court could not execute it. We couldn’t get the money and I am very distressed. I have no one to talk to. I don’t know where God leads! Where is fairness and justice? I wonder if a Christian should pursue legal responsibility. My husband, perhaps because of his character, he didn’t apologize for the investment failed but not even a word of comfort. I had warned him of the worst possible result. But he disagreed and also punched and kicked me. The bitterness in my heart is like Satan’s sword, which makes me miserable.

(Audience “Starry Sky”)

  • Pray for the sister of what she encountered. Ask the Lord to let her forgive her husband’s wrong decision, may her be free from the blame. May the couple face the difficulties together and be as one as before.

Number Portability

“Number portability” is a new and popular vocabulary for 2019. More and more people are concerned and its attention received is increasing. For telecom operators, the full openness of “number portability” means a new level of user competition. In order to retain users, operators have implemented different policies for carrying numbers, say giving free data but users cannot transfer numbers with one-year contract period, stores cannot handle transfer request, and restraint from promotion activities after the transfer. Under the multiple difficulties of switching networks, the full operation of “number portability” all over China during the year is still facing great challenges. It is really hard to archive.

(“Tencent News”, May 15, 2019)

  • “Number portability” is a way to protect consumer rights. Telecom operators setting up different limits to retain users are not in proper way. Instead, they should have a more positive attitude by upgrading their services to compete the business. Please pray for each operators to cooperate with the policies and respect the rights of the users in a proactive and positive manner.

Concerning the Dong

The Dong (a.k.a. Kam) population is more than four million, including the southern and northern Dong people who speak different dialects. They mainly live in Guizhou, and Guangxi, Hunan, and Hubei. As early as 1910, the China Inland Mission preached among the southern Dong. In the 1930s, the Liuzhou missionaries in Guangxi went to the north to carry out the gospel ministry, and led more than 80 Dong people to the Lord in Fulu Town in the northwest of Guangxi; there are still 1,000 believers for southern Dong. The Northern Dong is one of the least concerned people in China. To date, there are only 600 believers among the more than one million Northern Dong people, and the rest have never heard of the gospel. In the past few years, a small number of missionaries have served among southern Dong people and translated the Bible with local co-workers. But recently, under heavy pressure, missionaries have been forced to leave, and their followers have also been pressured to stop ministry.

  • Ask the Lord to keep the Dong people: keep their faith, actively spread the gospel, receive broadcast training, and produce programs in their language to preach the gospel to their compatriots who do not know the Lord.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast Response: The changing situations since the beginning of the year have probably helped raise the listener and response rates significantly. The “Liangyou Index” is even at its record high over the years. May God use the radio and various online portals to give daily bread to listeners yearning for Scripture, and back up the afflicted churches through our diversified programs.
  2. The Ways of the Pastors: This face-to-face mentorship program that offers a two-year course where participants meet for eight days and seven nights two times a year is very well-received by mainland pastors and ministers. By the grace of the Lord, our Phase 4 students have completed their studies in April and have been safe on their trips to and fro. Please pray that our mainland pastors caught in these difficult times are still standing firm for the Lord to tend their flocks faithfully.