Prayer Request (2019.05)

Strict Censorship: In spite of the strict censorship stepping up in certain regions, the staunch conviction displayed by listeners from various provinces ready to pay the price for whatever it takes has warmed our hearts so much. Please keep praying for our brothers and sisters in desperation.

Broadcast Responses: The changing situations since the beginning of the year have probably helped raise the listener and response rates significantly. The “Liangyou Index” is even at its record high over the years. May God use the radio and various online portals to give daily bread to listeners yearning for Scripture, and back up the afflicted churches through our diversified programs.

Ethnic Minorities: We thank God for the steady production progress on Yunnan dialect and Muslim programs. Please ask the Lord especially for the safety of producers in “intense” areas working on ethnic minority programs. There are also broadcasts for minority groups that have to repeat for lack of new productions. May the Lord help us so we can take up new productions soon enough.

The Ways of the Pastors: This face-to-face mentorship program that offers a two-year course where participants meet for eight days and seven nights two times a year is very well-received by mainland pastors and ministers. By the grace of the Lord, our Phase 4 students have completed their studies in April and have been safe on their trips to and fro. Please pray that our mainland pastors caught in these difficult times are still standing firm for the Lord to tend their flocks faithfully.