China News & Prayer (2019.05.01-09)

Parents’ Objection

“My parents object to our relationship. My boyfriend and I are both Christians. We go to the same church and we discuss about our belief always. Parents oppose me to believe in Jesus and hate me going to church. They dislike my boyfriend and believe that I deserve a better one. My boyfriend is not young and his mother, who is also a Christian, has patiently awaited my reply. My parents’ objection is the hitch, that I cannot ignore their feeling on the one hand despite my disagreement to their opinion on the other hand. I wished so much for their blessings and goodwill on my marriage. My boyfriend asked me not to contact him anymore…, we have both prayed for this, but I am now feeble and lack of confidence!”

(Sister Ye)

  • Pray for sister Ye’s marriage. May the Lord guide her and lead her. Move her parents to know the true God and let them learn to respect her daughter’s will. May there be the love of the Lord in the Ye’s.

Fears of Having Kids

How can young people’s “fears about having kids” be alleviated? Are you worried that you can’t afford to have children if you married in a big city? If you are a woman, will you be afraid of losing your job because of childbirth? During the National People’s Congress, Youth Net has produced a video program on the fertility issue of our youth. In addition to the challenges of child-rearing, there are other worries that come along. Mothers would think that “being a mother, I always want to give my children the best, but I am yet good enough for them.” Therefore, some people reckon that an all-round support and recognition to child-rearing might greatly offset women’s fear of having kids. Besides, the media could strengthen their propaganda for instance while the government could regulate related policies to boost a higher birth rate.

(“China Youth Daily”, March 15, 2019)

  • Pray for the child-bearing anxiety of the youth. Pray that the community, government as well as the youth themselves are well prepared for their next generation.

The Valley of Darkness

“I got serious fungal infection and had therapy at home for one month. It relapsed after I stopped the treatment though. The doctor asked me to pray when he knew that I believed in Jesus. The third day, I got deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Nurses couldn’t draw any blood from my legs, doctors and nurses were restless and worried. On the fifth day, I insisted leaving the hospital to spend the afternoon with my family. Just before noon, my left armpit was hardened, and my heart twitched for three times, apart from a numbness in my lower leg. Doctor suggested me not leaving the hospital. In the afternoon, when my husband and daughter took me to the general ward, miraculously all the pain disappeared. In fact, my husband has changed a lot and my daughter took care of me thoughtfully during that period. The doctor also said that I was lucky to be alive. I then made some reflection about sufferings caused by our sins, Satan’s attack, and also reflected on my family, work and ministry. These stressed my body so much and I really need a break.”

(Sister An, Heilongjiang Province)

  • Grateful for sister An. Having been through such a severe illness, Sister doesn’t mind how longer she will live now. May the Lord bless sister An and her family.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 70 Years’ Broadcasting: It is the 70th anniversary of Radio Liangyou in 2019. Believers we have served have experienced how much difficulties, and have gone through ups and downs for these past years. Social situation has also undergone great changes. People have faced different challenges. It is hoped that our program can be close to the audience’s voice, speak their words, and seriously lead them to the Lord.
  2. Holistic Growth: In response to the current needs, we have launched the “Joyful Tree Holistic Growth Ministry” since the end of March to bring together the strengths of multiple ministry partners for producing the courses of three levels (kindergarten, lower primary and upper primary) and of the parent -teacher version. In addition, discipleship training courses will be launched at the end of the year to enable believers to study and grow up on their own. Please pray for our program production.