China News & Prayer (2019.04.10-16)

A Radio Fan

“I am from Shandong. I have just listened to your program through shortwave. I feel that it is very meaningful. I wrote a letter to you about four years ago. I was just a radio fan at that time. Currently, I have also started to learn Christianity with the help of my girlfriend. She and her parents have been Christians for many years. They study the Bible after dinner every day. They also go to church at weekends. I know that your station is a Christian one. So I have bought them a radio which allows them to listen to your programs. They feel that it is rewarding as your programs make them understand the Bible deeper than they read and study it themselves. Thank you for your blessings. Being affected by them, I have begun to study the Bible gradually this year.”

(Listener Liu, Shandong Province)

  • Ask the Lord to choose Liu so that he can experience Jesus really via his knowledge of Christianity. Also pray that he will be able to receive a new life from God, and that he will have eternal hope and joy.

Grassland Polluted by Dust

Laolong Grassland, Chulutu Village, Urad Middle Banner of Bayan Nur City, Inner Mongolia, was originally a natural pasture of local herders. A large amount of dust generated by a local concentrator was dispersed by the wind and covered the grassland. The whole grassland is now turned gray. The dust covering the ground surface is as thick as a man’s palm. The slag produced by the ore dressing has been piled up into a tailings pond, and the oozing black sewage has polluted the downstream of Capricorn River. The drinking water along the downstream bank was affected. Some herders claimed that one hundred sheep died in two years. Some environmentalists said that the wastewater in the tailings pond contained a variety of heavy metals which were harmful, but also to the grassland ecology with impossible reversion. Local herders have repeatedly reported to the Environmental Protection Authority but to no avail.

(“The Beijing News”, February 14, 2019)

  • Please pray that the environmental protection can be done well consciously and that the government’s environmental supervisory work can be really in place. Also pray that a safe and healthy living environment will be returned to the local people.

Broadcasting for the Minorities

Since the 1990s, the FEBC has provided half an hour of gospel broadcasting for the ethnic minorities with larger population in China every day, including Mongolia, Tibetan Kham, Uyghur people, Hui, Yunnan, Bai, Lisu and Zhuang. There are still many difficulties to overcome after nearly 30 years of efforts. Even so, the FEBC still insists on broadcasting good news of the gospel, hoping to lead the ethnic minorities in remote areas to return to the Lord. More prayers and heavenly wisdom are needed especially amid the current grim atmosphere.

  • Please pray for the co-workers of the ethnic minorities who still produce the programs faithfully under the great pressure. May the Lord give them the wisdom and guidance for the production, and protect them from being interfered. Ask the Lord to call more workers to produce new programs which will meet the different needs of various ethnic groups and help different ethnic groups know the gospel of Christ. Also the Lord to lead the co-workers to seek and extend more broadcasts so as to reach out the tribes which the gospel has not been preached to.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast Response: Our broadcast got a better response in 2018 when compared with 2017. More programs were downloaded and listened; more text content was browsed, more listeners responded, and more listeners were served. The statistics in December 2018 indicated that a larger part of the figures recorded the highest in the year. We hope this is the proof that the Heavenly Father is using us to serve our compatriots at present.
  2. Liangyou Theological Seminary: In 2018, 670 students were admitted and 187 were graduated. The broadcast of the courses on the Internet, WeChat and mobile Apps is generally smooth. Thanks to the Lord. Staff visited students in Sichuan and Chongqing early in last December, and they all returned to Hong Kong safely. As the number of examination papers submitted by the students continues to increase, please pray for the teachers who mark the papers. It is hoped that the Lord will use their services to help the students grow and be cared.