China News & Prayer (2019.03.09-15)

Companioned by Radio

“After I had graduated from theology in Henan in June 2001, I participated in ministries. I helped my mother read the Bible when I was at home. However, I could not help her when I went to work. My mother is illiterate, but she thirsts for God’s words. After all, she has been listening to your radio programs for nearly 40 years. She has had an inseparable relationship with the radio station. Moreover, my father has left us for 30 years. It is you, these servants of God, and our family members who have companioned my mother to go through these 30 years. She longs to listen to the sermon programs very much. I hope that the Lord will bless the radio station.”

(Brother Yang)

  • Thank God that Brother Yang’s mother has been companioned by the radio programs. Pray that the Lord will help his mother change from her illiteracy to her ability to read. Ask the Lord to open his mother’s eyes and heart to understand the truth of the Bible.

Suing For Higher Awards

A Jinan citizen, Mr Jia, reported the case after he had spent RMB 2.02 on a piece of expired bread in a supermarket. After verification, the Department of Food and Drug Supervision imposed a fine of RMB 50,000 on the supermarket and rewarded Jia 20 cents. But Jia thought that the reward was little and sued the Department. The second trial of the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court held that at least RMB 2,000 should be awarded. In addition, Jia brought the relevant department to the court because another award was too little as well. Jia said when he had just known that the reward was only 20 cents, his first impression was that someone was picky with him. He had spent more than 20 cents for his case. The reward of 20 cents largely hampered his enthusiasm for defending his rights.

(“Beijing Youth Daily”, January 6, 2019)

  • People actively participate in the maintenance of community health. This is a gratifying phenomenon. However, the positive of people’s monitoring will be lost if they report only for the sake of awards. Please pray for the hearts of the people so that they can turn their monitoring and reporting into an internal sense of their responsibility instead of their profit consideration.

Good News for Uyghur

In the early 20th Century, there were missionaries who preached Uyghur people. In the 1930’s, Uyghur believers reached 100 and they had established a Christian church. Unfortunately, fanatical Islamists killed male believers and forced female believers to marry Muslims when a riot occurred in 1932. At present, a very small number of believers who survive in the harsh environment require urgent intercession. The FEBC launched the broadcast in Uyghur language in May 1991. A 30-minute program called “Good News for Uyghur” is still broadcast every day at present, but it is not possible to produce a new program. Ask the Lord to prepare manpower for the production of the program.

  • Please pray for the Uyghur people who currently live in an environment under very strict supervision. It is hoped that this atmosphere will be eased to allow the people to live happily. Ask the Lord to bless the gospel broadcasting in Uyghur language so that the Uyghur people can be enlightened by listening to the broadcast and get the hope from this good news. Ask the Lord to prepare the co-workers for the production.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Platform Reorganization: Since 2019, a brand-new Radio Liangyou website has been launched with three major platforms reorganized: (1) Radio Liangyou website – a new design to meet personal preferences of the broadcast; (2) Online streaming broadcast – 24-hour streaming broadcast to allow instant broadcasting and listening; (3) Resource Library – downloading of resources of the past program audio files and texts are welcomed. We are committed to providing listeners with better listening resources.
  2. CIBS Program: We have produced a new season show of the RTHK-CIBS, “Let’s Get Wet… Land”, to explore the relationships of the wetland with social development and environmental conservation; and to let us know the rich wetland resources in Hong Kong. It will be broadcast on AM621 and via at 8:00-8:30pm every Tuesday from now until April 2.