China News & Prayer (2019.02.09-15)

Violence in Marriage

“I have been already married twice. My present husband is a man whose eyes focus on himself only. We have been living together since he was 39. In the first half of the year, he irritated me by having affairs with other women. He started abusing and beating me after he had bought a semi-trailer truck. I accepted my life as this I was thinking of my old age. Abusing me has become his habit. He violently beats me even when I utter just a word. His has elementary educational background. He has grown up amid beating and abusing by his parents. He never believes in God no matter what he has been told to. He just believes in what people of the world have said.”

(Sister Ming)

  • Ask the Lord to choose her husband so that he will know the harm his violence has brought to his family. Also pray that the Lord will guard the sister and let her protect herself and have the wisdom to get along with her husband.

Expired Honey Reused

It was disclosed that the Tong Ren Tang manufacturer recycled and reused expired honey. The Beijing Food and Drug Administration had been involved in the investigation. According to Jiangsu TV, the honey manufacturer of Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Yancheng Jinfeng Food Technology Company Ltd., recycled a large quantity of honey which had expired or was going to expire. The company claimed that “it was returned to beekeepers to raise bees”. However, a reporter found that the returned honey, which was poured into large barrels, was sent to the ingredient warehouse. In October, the company also changed the date of honey production and illegally extended the shelf life. Tong Ren Tang said that its subsidiary company, Tong Ren Tang Bee Industry, was held accountable for poor supervision and oversight in the process of entrusting the production.

(“The Beijing News Commentary”, December 17, 2018)

  • Honesty and trustworthiness are the basic requirement to establish a company. The current issue of food and drug safety has become a social pain spot. Please pray that the Lord will help the companies pay attention to their moral responsibility for consumers, cherish their brand honor and strengthen their maintenance of food safety.

Mysterious Belief

“My neighbor said that her second elder sister, her sister’s daughter and son-in-law, and her other elder brothers and sisters who believed in the Lord, held a fellowship gathering at home privately. She said they locked the door and gathered together to pray, cry and shout. When my neighbor asked them what was going on, her sister opened the door and talked to my neighbor very carefully. Moreover, the second elder sister, her daughter and son-in-law do not go to work at present. They run around to evangelize. The second elder sister’s daughter also asks my neighbor to believe in the Lord every day. But my neighbor says no. As a result, they have added her in the blacklist and deleted her from the WeChat group; and they have not contacted her any more. I want to help them renew their understanding of the Lord Jesus we trust.”

(A Little Sister)

  • Ask the Lord to offer the spirit of truth so that the little sister’s neighbor can understand the truth of faith and turn back to the Lord. Also ask the Lord to give the little sister the wisdom to explain the truth clearly.

Audio Bible

There are many linguists who have spent a lot of painstaking efforts and years on doing translation of the Bible for Chinese ethnic minorities. They have also used their money and energy to publish the translated bibles. Recently, they produce audio version and put it on the Internet for people to download and disseminate. It is a beautiful missionary service. The New Testament bibles for the tribes of Liangshan Yi, Qianxi Yi, and Guizhou Black Miao and Kam have been uploaded. These include the text version with comparison of Chinese characters and the audio version. All two versions are very precious. These painstaking contributions can be used by more people to bless the ethnic minorities being ignored.

  • Thank God for the achievements and efforts made be many experts over the years and for their unselfish dedication to publicly offer many translated versions of the Bible. Please pray that the Lord will let more Yi, Miao and Kam people hear the gospel and the Holy Words. Ask the Lord to bless the ministry of distributing the bibles.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast Response: The download rate of our online programs increased significantly by 40% in October, when compared with September! This was due to the development of mobile App and the use of WeChat applets on one hand. This was also probably due to the pressure faced by the Mainland churches in recent months on the other hand. Ask the Lord to maintain the smooth transmission of our programs on the Internet and via social media, and to protect our radio broadcast via short and medium waves.
  2. New Year Specials: A number of special editions of different programs are produced during the New Year period. Pray that more listeners will be able to understand what God says to them through these programs at this festive time. Ask the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts so that the Words of God can sprout and grow in their hearts.