Prayer Request (2018.12)

True Meaning of Christmas: Though Christmas is widely celebrated in our generation, the true meaning of Christ’s birth is getting more and more obscure. In a commercial society, Christmas is merely a golden opportunity for gift sales. In areas where the Gospel is monitored, Christmas is a taboo. In others where the origin, purpose and significance of Christmas could be mentioned, the story is incomplete or distorted for the most part. We pray that through activities, sermons and personal testimonies, churches and believers everywhere can make the best use of this Christmas time to help more people truly know and believe in Christ Jesus who came to earth for us!

Broadcast Responses: Our October program click-through rates on the web have soared by 40% from those of September! This is due to our mobile app development and application of the WeChat Mini Program. On the other hand, it may also be a result of the tension felt among mainland churches, which renders more of our countrymen turning to broadcast programs to access God’s word. Please remember our broadcasts in times like these. May the Lord clear the way for us on the web and social network, and watch over our short and medium wave broadcasts!

SoooChristmas Live: From 10 am to 10 pm on December 15, FEBC Hong Kong’s Soooradio ran a 12-hour live Relay Caroling! Over 20 choirs/groups and 13 pastors and ministers operated 12 hours of audio and video casts in Cantonese and Putonghua through Facebook, YouTube and the streaming media on Radio Liangyou. Please pray that the many local and overseas listeners will get to know the essence of Christmas through the programs and receive Jesus as their Savior.

Christmas Specials: During Christmas and New Year, Radio Liangyou will produce a series of special programs in the hope that listeners come to understand what God has to tell them in this festive season. Please pray for both the program broadcasts and the listeners themselves. May the Holy Spirit mellow out their heart and soul for God’s word to sprout and grow there!