China News & Prayer (2018.11.01-10)

So Blessed

“My hometown is in beautiful Inner Mongolia. When I was still doing my junior high school, father brought home a radio. It became the dearest thing in the family and then, we started listening to Radio Liangyou Radio through shortwave! My belief in Christianity was seeded therefore, and during these three to four decades Jesus Christ is always along, as is Radio Liangyou! By God’s grace, I now settle in Shenzhen. I really want to thank those who has been working in the Radio for their effort and love to us audience!”

(Brother Sun, Guangdong Province)

  • God would use different media in different eras as tools for evangelism. Praise the Lord! May the service of our broadcast keep on, letting more audience share what Brother Sun has experienced: the care and love of God; and become witness and preacher of the beauty of the Lord.

The Ailing Twins

A pair of twin boys from Shixing County, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, were both diagnosed with a rare chronic granulomatous disease (CGD). Their parents Qiu’s then transferred them to a hospital in Chongqing, which is renowned for bone marrow transplant for CGD. A few months after admission, the China Marrow Donor Program informed the couple that they had found matching donors; nevertheless, the medical bills could amount to a minimum of RMB 1 million. After asking among friends and relatives, the money could only be enough to treat one child. The couple were so desperate they made the two boys draw lots to decide which one to stay. When the news spread, volunteers from the China Children’s Association launched a rescue fundraising. And the bone marrow donor revealed that the transplantation would soon be carried out.

(“Shaoguan Daily News”, August 19, 2018)

  • May the Lord help the twins undergone the bone marrow transplant timely and successfully. Pray also for the issue of costly medical expenses that Chinese people are facing: may everyone benefit after an improvement of our national medical welfare system in the near future.

Innocent Victims

At 7:35 pm on September 12, a malignant case occurred in Hengdong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province. A man in a red SUV deliberately drove into a crowd at Lijiang Square before jumping out and attacking the mass with weapon. As of now, the death toll has risen to 12 with another 43-people injured. Clips from CCTV revealed a scene of brutal massacre: an injured person with a merely attached bloody broken arm, was sent to the hospital. It was reported that the suspect is terminally ill and has previous convictions for crimes. He sought to get revenge on society. On the 14th, the criminal suspect was arrested by the procuratorate in accordance with the law.

(“Xinhua News Agency”, September 16, 2018)

  • Pray for the Lord’s mercy, kindness, and healing of the people and their families who have suffered and died in this incident. May there be justice against the law-breaker on whom reasonable penalty to impose. I also pray for the mainland to behold the grace and justice of our God so that the public can live in peace with less grievances.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. LTS App: The new LTS mobile app launched in early January has been installed by over 30,000 users as of early August! May the Lord put the ministries of Liangyou Theological Seminary to greater use, so that more mainland church leaders and believers can be trained up and get well-prepared to correctly handle the word of truth. Also let us not forget to pray for church members and believers on the mainland having to face ever tightening regulations.
  2. Children Programming: When the children are now prohibited to join the Sunday School at churches in China, we target to produce radio programs for children of various ages. At the moment, we are praying for partners who can provide good teaching materials and we will come up educational broadcasts in near future, so that many children can be led to Christ while they are young and their lives nurtured with the Words of God.