Prayer Request (2018.08)

Be Accountable: The Apostle Paul charged his spiritual son Timothy to do three things: First, strive not for others’ commendation and acceptance, but for God’s approval. Second, be a worker who does not need to be ashamed, that is one who fully trusts and obeys God’s commands and holds himself accountable. Third, insist on correctly preaching and teaching God’s word though under all forms of attack or pressure. We wish to share this verse with our mainland pastors and ministers. Let us not forget to pray for church members and believers on the mainland having to face ever tightening regulations.

Broadcast Responses: FEBC Hong Kong is committed to preaching God’s sound and eternal doctrine through broadcasting and new media platforms, in season or out. In July, whether the click-through rates on our webcasts or the hour counts on our streaming media or the user counts on all our platforms are all record highs of the year. For this we do not just thank the Lord, but also ask the Father to use our broadcasts in times like these to bless the church and the people on the vast expanse of China.

Radio Liangyou Anniversary: This year is FEBC Hong Kong’s 60th anniversary as well as Radio Liangyou’s 69th anniversary. On July 29, the anniversary day, besides running an hour-long thanksgiving service at 6 pm, we also had another hour live broadcast taking calls of listeners from different cities and provinces. The zeal and warmth of the callers was so overwhelming to us! All the co-workers of the station were determined to go on with the listeners their soulmates, hand in hand, through broadcasting.

Liangyou Theological Seminary: There has been good progress in both diploma and advanced diploma programs. As of July this year, enrolment totaled 430 (406 diploma, 24 advanced diploma) and the number of graduates was 98 (82 diploma, 16 advanced diploma.) The new LTS mobile app launched in early January has been installed by 31,870 users in early August! May the Lord put the ministries of Liangyou Theological Seminary to greater use, so that more mainland church leaders and believers can be trained up and get well-prepared to correctly handle the word of truth.