China News & Prayer (2018.04.15-21)

Scarred in Marriage

“I am a married Christian. Please pray that I can play good roles of a mother and a wife in my family. I feel that I am always very foolish that this had led to worry of the Holy Spirit. I often quarrel and even fight with my husband. Therefore both of us have been scarred in our marriage. I really hope that my life will not go on in this way again. I want to change. My child is very young. I hope that he will not continue to live in such family. Please pray for me!”

(Sister Cui)

  • Please pray that the Lord will help sister Cui rely on the Lord to focus off her own ego and get along with her husband harmoniously. Pray that she will understand the way couples get along well with each other. Ask the Lord to intervene in the sister’s marriage so that she and her husband can put the Lord in the first place. Pray that their child will grow up in a healthy and happy family.

Refused to Learn the Wrongs

“My dad is a miner and we live in a courtyard in the mine. Our neighbors are Christians and they led my parents to believe in Jesus. Two to three of them then started to meet at my place. The number of participants increased day by day until up to a point of more than two hundred people. My father was so pursuing and he always listened to sermons on the radio. Later, some Christians of our hometown came and they asked us to study the sermons that they recalled from their memory. The content of these sermons, however, were misleading and untrue. My father thus rejected and the nightmare begun. Later, there were disputes in the church and many members left. My father was very upset. Thankful that father is back to his Bible study now, and we have five bible study groups formed.”

(Sister Li)

  • Pray for the father of sister Li. May our Lord comfort him and heal his wounded heart and soul. Strengthen him and grant him wisdom to distinguish the rights from the wrongs. And with the words of the Lord, may the church be re-established.

Fastest HSR

From Hangzhou to Beijing, the latest and fastest high-speed rail (HSR) “Fuxing” (Revival) will start operating in April. Running at speeds of 350 kilometers per hour, it makes the travel between the two cities in 4 hours 23 minutes. When passing through tunnels or intersections, the system will adjust the air pressure in order to reduce passengers’ discomfort in the ears. Facilities in compartment include: Wi-Fi and more legroom; new USB mobile phone charging outlets in the middle of each row of seats; signal light of an electronic sign board under the luggage rack of each seat to signify other passengers and flight attendants if the seat has been sold online. Online ticket booking is available now and the fares are temporarily unchanged.

(“Qianjiang Evening News”, March 15, 2018)

  • Thankful for a speedy, convenient and extensive transportation network in China. Pray for the safety of HSR and smoothness of its ticket-booking system. May people have a safe, smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast Response: In 2017, there were over 80,000 audience responses and the monthly download volume of our programs was more than one million times. The audience’s download volume of Radio Liangyou WeChat Account was more than 750,000 times and the freshmen figure of Liangyou Theological Seminary accumulated to 814 last year. Thanks to the Heavenly Father’s blessing. The operation of each broadcasting platform is still smooth. Please pray that the Lord will enhance the effectiveness of the broadcast so that the audience will be nurtured and equipped in terms of the truth.
  2. Prayer App: The first project launched to celebrate our 60th Anniversary is a brand new mobile application: “Pray Together”. The daily updated intercession items from the App enable you to care Chinese people and affairs through the latest information and pray for them. You are welcome to download it and recommend it to believers.