China News & Prayer (2018.04.08-14)

Getting Through Conflicts

“I really thank the Lord for always loving such a sinner like me. I really do not live up to God’s expectation. There are a lot of contradictions in my family, including conflicts between husband and wife, and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. All these have made me very painful. Fortunately, I have got through these gradually. My husband and I are also growing up continuously. My family has become much more peaceful. Currently, my husband takes the initiative to join me to attend church services every weekend if there are no special engagements. When I am confused, the Lord points out the right direction to me and let me understand how broad and faithful God’s love is. I have noticed that many impossible things become possible. I feel the omnipresent acceptance and love from God. God is very wonderful indeed.”

(Sister Lin, Anhui Province)

  • Sister Lin has experienced the grace and protection of the Lord in the path of her growth. Please pray that she can respond to the Lord’s love by serving the church more while she is enjoying His love.

Self-made Food

Some gifts of unique style gradually went online like hot cakes at the end of Lunar New Year. Some self-made food was packaged as “hand-made” in “home-based workshops” with “mommy’s taste” during this period. They penetrated the lives of ordinary people through the online shopping platform. Many merchants adopt “no addition of any preservatives” as the selling point for their self-made food products. But in fact, safety risks are hidden in many self-made food products sold online. Some businessmen have admitted that they do not conduct any food safety inspection in the process of food manufacturing and that the sell-by date is also determined on the basis of experiences. Perhaps some self-made food without three items (i.e. no production date, no certificate of approved quality and no manufacturer) may have had “close contact” with ordinary people’s daily life.

(“Beijing Youth Daily”, February 12, 2018)

  • Please pray that the authority will strengthen the supervision for these businessmen on the online shopping platform to prevent their self-made food from becoming a safety hazard.

Gospel to Buyi

Buyi is one of the oldest indigenous tribes in Guizhou. It originates from a branch of the ancient “Baiyue” and shares the same origin with Zhuang. It has a population of about 2.9 million. As early as the early 19th century, Catholic missionaries had already gone to preach the gospel to Buyi. Up to now, it is estimated that about 5,000 Buyi people have returned to the Lord. Recently, Han churches in Central China have had a sense of commitment to the gospel ministry for the ethnic group. They are ready to send believers to go there to live with the Buyi people, to testify Christ and to share the gospel with them.

  • Please pray that Buyi people have the opportunities of hearing the gospel. Ask the Lord to use the Chinese Han believers who have recently gone there to live with the Buyi people. Pray that the Lord will help these people so that they can adapt to and respect different culture as soon as possible. Also pray that they will rely on the Lord to do their utmost to testify and take the Buyi people to the front of God’s throne of mercy. Also pray for consideration of the preparation for the production of broadcast programs to strengthen the spread of the gospel.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcast Response: In 2017, there were over 80,000 audience responses and the monthly download volume of our programs was more than one million times. The audience’s download volume of Radio Liangyou WeChat Account was more than 750,000 times and the freshmen figure of Liangyou Theological Seminary accumulated to 814 last year. Thanks to the Heavenly Father’s blessing. The operation of each broadcasting platform is still smooth. Please pray that the Lord will enhance the effectiveness of the broadcast so that the audience will be nurtured and equipped in terms of the truth.
  2. Prayer App: The first project launched to celebrate our 60th Anniversary is a brand new mobile application: “Pray Together”. The daily updated intercession items from the App enable you to care Chinese people and affairs through the latest information and pray for them. You are welcome to download it and recommend it to believers.