China News & Prayer (2018.03.10-16)

Demanding Parents

“Sister Ni, who loves the Lord, only asks that God chooses her whole family and guides them to return to the Lord. Her nine-year-old grandson is very cute and clever. The grandson’s parents are demanding and harsh. They think that it is not enough even his result is good. The kid does not have time to rest nor to relax. He often tells his grandma: I am too tired! But she has no way to protect him. Yesterday, Sister Ni found that the boy was not normal. He seemed to feel cold and look shock. She asked the boy’s mother who said, ‘I’ve went to Suzhou to see him. The doctor said there was no way.’ Now his parents have been loosened. But Sister Ni is very sad. She really feels sorrow. The doctor has also said the boy has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).”

(A Sister)

  • Please pray for the grandson of Sister Ni. Ask the Lord to have mercy on him, and to heal his nervous mood and mental condition so that he will get better. Also pray that Sister Ni will be able to have peace in the Lord, remove her self-blaming emotion and trust God’s healing for her family.

Special Zone Development

The State Council has agreed to cancel the Control Line of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in order to enhance the integrated development of the zone. In the 1980’s, a special zone control line was established and six checkpoints were set up along the line. In 2010, the territory of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was extended, and this Control Line has existed in name only. The State Council has stressed that after the cancellation of the Control Line of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the urban and rural planning and development should be well managed throughout Shenzhen. It has also stressed that the frontline control over the border between Guangdong and Hong Kong should be further strengthened so as to ensure the continued stability of the border.

(“China News”, January 15, 2018)

  • Please pray that the relevant department can manage well the work related to the cancellation of the Control Line of the Special Economic Zone. Also pray for the unified management of urban and rural planning and construction in the whole city so that people will enjoy more economic benefits.

The Bai Families

With a population of 1.93 million, Bai is an ethnic minority with long history and splendid culture in southwest China. It is also the 15th largest ethnic minority in China. Bai people have lived for generations in four provinces: Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Hubei. Their level of education is relatively high. In the 19th century, there were missionaries who went to Dali to spread the gospel. It is estimated that there are about 50,000 believers at present. It is learnt from Bai believers that the traditional family values has faced impact in the urbanization process of the Bai community. Many couples and families have faced the anguish of divorce. In response to this social issue, local leaders of believers collaborate with gospel broadcasting in their efforts to produce radio programs on marriage and family. They are prepared to broadcast to their Bai compatriots at the end of March this year and guide them to return to the right way with the truth taught in the bible.

  • Please pray for the Bai families so that they can still maintain good relationship in the process of social changes. Ask the Lord to use families of Bai believers who have good testimonies. May God bless the production and broadcast of the programs on marriage and family.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Mainland Broadcast: In order to enhance the broadcasting to the coastal provinces, we have added a half-hour live broadcast program “The Starry Night” on MW channel every day since the late-October last year. In addition, the live broadcast of “This is The Day” has also been extended from three days to five days per week. The newly launched gospel program “What a Wonderful Life” is well received. Please pray for the production and effectiveness of our programs. We hope that more listeners will be blessed and nurtured via the words of God.
  2. Local Broadcast: We have participated in the RTHK-CIBS radio program, “Unto the End of the Earth”. Its broadcast finished in early January this year. The responses of listeners are quite good and have been covered by local Christian media. Moreover, to sum up Soooradio in last three quarters: the download volume of the App has exceeded 4,000 times and the average monthly download figure of listening is about 10,000. Please pray for our local broadcasting ministry.