Prayer Request (2018.01)

A Span of 60 Years: Since its establishment in 1958, FEBC Hong Kong has gone through a span of 60 years. Our heartfelt thanks to you for being our companion with your support and offering. For 60 years we have seen God’s miracles and are most grateful, while at the same time we are sad to find the harvest plentiful, but the workers few. Let us not depart from our first concern, but make good use of opportunities that come up, and work closely in one heart to preach the gospel of Christ to the whole of China by radio and new media.

Broadcast responses In November we got 6,159 listener responses, program downloads over one million times, the number of hours on streaming media more than 44,000 and “Liangyou Fans” WeChat subscriptions had about 75,000 downloads. LTS enrolment added up to 755 in 2017. Thank the Father for keeping us. All our broadcasting platforms are still working smoothly. May the lord bless us with desirable broadcasting results, so listeners are built up and nurtured on the truth!

Prayer App: Our first presentation on the 60th Anniversary is a new prayer app (in Chinese only), which comes with daily renewal of prayer items allowing you to catch up and remember who’s who and what’s on in China. This app also comprises for your reference topical information on China’s cities, provinces, minority groups and listeners’ stories. You are most welcome to recommend the app to people you know, so more brothers and sisters are urged to lift up their hands in prayer for our fellow countrymen.

Mainland believers: Mainland’s recently revised regulations on religious affairs will be implemented on Feb 1, 2018. Please pray for the tension unregistered churches and believers are facing. May the Lord grant them wisdom and strength in the encounter and bless them with a courageous heart in everything they do!