Prayer Request (2017.12)

The Unsettling World: The world situation is unsettling. While East Asia is continuously apprehensive about the North Korean issue, another squall is resurging in the Middle East on the status of Jerusalem. Yet, let us see to it that we are not troubled and alarmed, because such things must happen, as the Lord has already told us. Christ Jesus, the baby born for us more than 2000 years ago, will bring salvation, peace, justice and righteousness. The Lord who has brought salvation to pass will come again to reign! Let us exert all our effort to preach all around the world this gospel of the kingdom!

Mainland Churches: Mainland’s revised regulations on religious affairs will take effect on Feb 1, 2018. It will mean a new spate of pressure for unregistered churches and believers. Some church gatherings and training activities for ministers and lay believers may be affected instantly. Apart from that, overseas Chinese ministry parties running training sessions will suffer more setbacks due to extra restrictions. Please pray hard for the needs of the mainland churches and believers.

“Kindling”: “Kindling ‧ Advancing” is going to be the theme for our 60th Anniversary (1958-2018). From day one onwards, gospel broadcasting to the mainland has never been something we can shoulder all on our own. Thank God for giving us companions for broadcast transmissions, program productions, minority group ministries, prayer partnership and donations, and volunteering in various aspects. We pray that the favor of the Lord rest on them and establish for them the work of their hands.

“Advancing”: What we expect and hope is to pass on from generation to generation our vision and mission of “Christ to the World by Radio (and Media)”. Thank God for the greatest number ever of young minister participants in November’s 8th China Gospel Broadcasting Training Camp. Besides, we have trained up over 130 young brothers and sisters for the local Cantonese Soooradio broadcasting ministry. The Liangyou Theological Seminary has also launched an “Navigation Program” to encourage more young believers to enroll in Bible courses. Do pray for FEBC-Hong Kong’s entrusting plans from co-workers to volunteers to target groups.