Prayer Request (2017.11)

Faith and courage: Please remember the churches and disciples in China; more regulations and laws are implemented. In some provinces, Sunday Schools are already ceased. Entry permits of some foreign partners are no longer extended. May the Lord give them faith and courage to follow God’s word and to spread the gospel.

Broadcast Responses: In September we got 7,432 listener responses, program downloads over 1.5 million times, the number of hours on streaming media reaching 44,000 and the Liangyou Index at 147.65. Liangyou WeChat subscriptions have added up to over 11,000. LTS has enrolled 59 new students (making a total of 610 this year). Thank the Father for keeping and watching over us. All our broadcasting platforms are working smoothly. May our listeners benefit from our programs and be spurred on toward love for the Lord. May the Lord use us!

New Schedule: Radio Liangyou has six more programs added to the new season started from October 29. “This is The Day” (from FEBC Hong Kong) has live broadcasts on five days instead of three. The new program “The Starry Night” (from FEBC Canada) is broadcast live on medium wave four days a week. We pray that such new contents and revised schedules will bring us closer to our listeners to pass on to them the word of God.

The Ways of the Pastor: The commencement ceremony of the Phase 2 training already took place on October 17. After two full years of incessant work, the 21 participants are now on their way to serving mainland churches. One of the program-in-charges Rev. Yiu is unwell and needs a longer time for treatment. May the Lord bless Rev. Yiu, restore his health soon and bring him back to the training team.

Local broadcast: We participate in the Community Involved Broadcasting Service by RTHK (a local radio station). A new Cantonese program “Unto the End of the Earth” is aired on every Mondays evening at 9:00-10:00pm via RTHK Radio AM621. We have invited different missionaries to share their stories in our programs. Meanwhile, downloading of the Soooradio App has a significant increase. Thanks to the Lord!