Prayer Request (2017.05)

Radio Liangyou at WeChat: Brother Zheng of Jiangsu is a second generation listener of Radio Liangyou. He has not only witnessed FEBC’s advance in the use of WeChat and mobile apps, but also benefited from it.

“My dad is a Christian. I’ve been sitting beside him listening to Radio Liangyou’s programs ever since I was small. Later, having to work outside, I wasn’t able to carry a portable radio with me. Then I prayed to God. Can I possibly tune in to Radio Liangyou using my mobile phone? Very soon, God really answered my prayer. Thanks to Him that I can use WeChat on my mobile to get connected to the Liangyou’s programs. Then I discovered the Liangyou’s mobile app, which I downloaded immediately. Whichever program on Radio Liangyou it is, it comforts my spirit and soul, and gives me great help in every aspect of my work.”

New Media Workshop: New media have been gaining more importance in the realm of broadcasting. FEBC will be holding a New Media Workshop from May 31 to June 2. Besides experts chairing plenary sessions and forums, we hope participants are able to go about more sharing. We trust that such interactive learning and complementary activities will bring about a big step forward in the implementation of new media in Chinese ministries. There will be local as well as overseas partners and co-workers taking part. Please pray for a good harvest in this conference.

Missions Out of China: The missionary movement on the mainland is unfolding in recent years. A recent missionary convention even pledged to send 20,000 missionaries overseas before 2030! Please pray for this movement among mainland churches, and also our program Dawn Seminar on Radio Liangyou. May the Lord greatly use our three pastor hosts Rev Ken Lo, Rev Samuel Yiu and Rev Daniel Wu, so that a healthful missionary movement is instituted via their programs.