Prayer Request (2017.04)

Listener Responses: In March we received 7,440 responses from mainland listeners, a rise of 42% from the previous month. Radio Liangyou web portal downloads neared 1.9 million, a 16% more. The total listening hours of Liangyou Radio’s streaming media reached 22,163 hours, also at a rise of 12%. We have 650 more ‘Liangyou Fans’ and 122 new students enrolled at LTS. Please keep on praying for our gospel broadcasting ministry on the mainland. May the Lord bless our fellow countrymen through our programs transmitted every day on shortwave, medium-wave, the Internet and other new media platforms.

Minority Ministry: Thank you for your prayers, for through the hard work of our staff and partners, new programs in Uyghur and Mongolian have been launched in April. These are not easy jobs. Please pray hard that these programs are going to the unreached peoples to take them to the Lord.

New Media Workshop: New media platforms are now a major trend of our modern age. From May 31 to June 2, a workshop on new media will be held in FEBC Hong Kong’s office for 60 local and overseas staff of the profession. Besides experience sharing, we hope to devise more effective ways of using these new platforms to proclaim Christ. Please remember this conference in your prayer.

Soooradio Ministry: All the drafting, planning, training up program hosts, making the programs, constructing the web portal and mobile apps – to ensure Soooradio rolled out on March 21 – only took the staff team six months! And in the first month of inauguration, this Cantonese broadcasting podium dedicated to local citizens got over 800 app downloads and a 31,900 click through rate! Please keep up with your prayer and recommendation, so more of our citizens, especially the younger ones, are blessed through the programs!