Prayer Request (2017.03)

Listener responses: Radio Liangyou Index for 2016 has risen by 20%, showing a good trend in the overall broadcasting response. Program downloads in January 2017 saw an average rise of 44% from the previous year, reaching 1.63 million times. Program downloads via WeChat also rose by 40%. We received a total of 5,800 listener responses, and 785 have been added to our Liangyou Fans program! We keep entrusting our Father to use our programs so more souls of our nation are changed because of Christ.

Community Broadcasts: FEBC Hong Kong has taken part in RTHK’s “Community Involvement Broadcasting Service” (CIBS) and launched two programs respectively, Guess What? in January and The Inner Voices from Hong Kong in April. May the Lord use the sharing and testimonies of the participating Christians from various roles and occupations! We hope to serve Hong Kong citizens through these programs.

Soooradio App: We make it our goal to serve Hong Kong people better, especially the younger ones. We are getting underway a local Cantonese broadcasting ministry via online radio and mobile app. Under the baton of our veteran journalist Ms Deborah Maak, we formally launched on March 21 the first batch of 12 program initiatives churned out by the young people of many churches and organizations. Please promote them to the youths in your church. For program details, please visit

Our Missionaries: Thank the Father for sending to us valued missionary co-workers from the churches. We have Mr and Mrs Robert Choy, Rev and Mrs Daniel Wu, Rev and Mrs Samuel Yiu and Mr Silas Ma. Whether in sound recording technologies, program production, pastoral care for co-workers or training and teaching, they have committed faithful and very nice service to FEBC. Do remember their ministries always in your prayer.